How to earn 2, 20 or even 200 Dollars per Day!

Personally tested PTC-Sites, paying and trusted Sites Only!

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How to earn 200$ per Day with PTC!

Posted by trustedbuxpages on October 3, 2011 at 2:46 PM 3895 Views

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Reply bashor2012
6:08 PM on August 27, 2012 
oh very good
Reply trustedbuxpages
10:14 AM on April 5, 2012 
Well, be carefull with any Sites that promisse you more than 1 cent per ad, without upgrading your account. An advertiser is not going to pay this money!
I've found about 25 trusted pages, which are all online for some month and are paying. I am trying to find the good Sites for you!
My Skype adress, of course is "trustedbuxpages" :-) I prefer Chrome for clicking Ads, seems to be a little bit faster?!
Reply Skrail
1:49 PM on April 2, 2012 
Hey tip finders, here's a couple of things that I have found to help you out. As of late I have reduced my sites to just 13 until I have made more money. While getting references is extremely important, it is also important to find which sites will actually be worth your time. It takes a lot of trial and error, but here's how it works. Let's say it costs $20 bucks to upgrade your account. Let's say that you do this 30 days a month (clicking). So basically I divide the cost of the upgrade against what I can make on the site without referrals. Basically, I need to make 1.50 a day off that site to make a profit. Usually you have to register the site to find out what it pays per advertisement, and how many clicks, but after a while of doing this you will learn the system! Heck, I have probably registered at about 60 sites to find out the info out; I have reduced to lucky number 13! Happy hunting and I hope it works for you.
Reply Skrail
1:37 PM on April 2, 2012 
Hey bud, what is your Skype address?
Reply Skrail
9:36 AM on March 30, 2012 
Hey friends, just a little update here. I have moved my Web Browser to Mozilla Firefox because I was having issues with Google Chrome. (It was taking up all of my memory and it has the same features.)
Reply trustedbuxpages
6:36 AM on March 23, 2012 
Well, i am using about 25 sites at the moment.
To be a little bit faster, I am using a second laptop sometimes, so I only need about 45min for all of my sites...

If you need some more tips; you may post this in the forum; so that everybody can read our tips!
Reply Skrail
10:15 PM on March 22, 2012 
I want to thank you. By downloading Chrome, I have increased my productivity (3 Hrs., vs. 6! So far, I am enrolled in 32 PTC sites(goal is 40)! I reccomend the usage of tab position customizer to make tabs go onto the end. (which is what you demonstrated.) The only thing I have customized, is I broke it down to 15 sites at a time, as it becomes a little confusing. I will keep you posted. If anyone has questions please feel free to contact me, as I am new at this myself....Thanks again bud. I appreciate you! Any other tips you would like to share for this newbie and others noobs?
Reply trustedbuxpages
4:07 AM on March 22, 2012 
Skrail says...
How do I save the settings after I have imported all my PTC sites?

you have to fix the tabs to your top screen.
If you close Chome it will ne there when you start Chrome next time.
I do not close Chrome at all, so I dont have to login to most of the pages again.

grretings Oliver
Reply Skrail
5:23 PM on March 21, 2012 
How do I save the settings after I have imported all my PTC sites?
Reply Skrail
5:22 PM on March 21, 2012 
Okay. I now have an account on Google Chrome, how did you adjust the settings so the advertising page went onto the end of the tab bar?
Reply payment is $ 1
4:57 AM on February 1, 2012 
This page monthly payment is $ 1 and do not recommend this site to download the NGA when google chrome
Reply trustedbuxpages
6:03 AM on January 8, 2012 
Ok, this won't be easy! There are only two steps needed!

You have to register and click all possible Ads on my Site (easy part)
You need to get some direct Referrals (hardest part!)
Reply hassan
5:51 AM on January 8, 2012 
how can i earn 200$ per day

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